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It’s a collaborative process where a coach helps individuals or groups, dealing with challenging circumstances, set and achieve specific goals, provides guidance, support, and accountability.  All of this is done sustainably and with a keen focus on enhancing the client’s overall quality of life. The client is considered a healthy, whole and self-directed person engaging with the coach on an equal footing.

In general you can say that therapy addresses past issues and mental health concerns, while coaching is future-oriented, focusing on goal-setting and personal development. However, there is a gray zone where professionals may integrate elements of both based on their individual education and clients needs. Therapy and Coaching share a common goal of improving lives.

Coaching focuses on facilitating self-discovery and goal attainment, while mentoring involves sharing expertise and providing advice based on personal experience. I will offer both based on the needs and wishes of my clients.

Coaching sessions usually last around 60 minutes. The duration can be adjusted based on the needs and preferences of the client.

Sessions are usually done virtually via Zoom video call to provide flexibility and accessibility. If you have a preference for another platform, that can also be discussed. It’s not possible to be coached while driving, running errands etc. You need to be present and connected.

That depends on the client’s needs. For individual sessions this is entirely up to you. From my experience, clients find it most beneficial to have one session every week in the beginning. My programs are carefully designed and require weekly sessions for the most benefit.

The number of sessions varies, depending on what you want to achieve and what hinders you from attaining your goals. This will be discussed upfront.

If you are looking to increase your mental fitness you can select the 8-week program THRIVE where you will learn how to stop self-sabotage and attain a more positive mindset. If you want to embark on a personal development journey and find out more about yourself, your values, strengths, vision and purpose, you can select the 12-week program AWAKEN.

I follow the ethical guidelines of the International Coach Federation (ICF). These guidelines emphasize confidentiality, integrity, and client well-being.

As a coach, I support you respectfully, appreciatively and at eye level to enrich your life journey with depth and clarity. Together we will explore your thoughts in a goal-oriented and empathetic way. We will look deeply at your wishes, goals, conflicts and emotions, find clarity about what you want and what is currently preventing you from achieving your goals. As a reliable confidant and partner, I support you in questioning your thoughts and experiences and in opening up new perspectives. I use proven methods of systemic coaching, neuroscience, performance research, cognitive behavioral and positive psychology. In a solution-oriented way, we will develop new paths, strategies and plans for you so that you can achieve what you want. Coaching is based on you and your individual needs.

That can be part of your coaching. I will help you explore your values and aspirations and assist you in clarifying and setting meaningful goals.

Bring yourself to the session and be ready to play full out. When you embark on your coaching journey with me we will define together the overarching outcome you are striving for. Every time we start a session I will ask you what you are hoping to gain by the end of that particular session so it’s a good idea to come up with some thoughts as to what your needs are, session by session. Your needs and goals can change during the coaching journey as you start to gain a better understanding of yourself and what you want.

For quick and easy booking, you can use my online booking platform. You will receive a link to see my available slots. Book your slot and receive the Zoom invitation link. We can also decide at the end of our first session when to meet next.

If you reschedule 48 hrs before your appointment there will be no charge. If you need to reschedule less than 48 hours before the session it’s at my discretion to count it as a consumed session unless we have made other agreements upfront.

Pricing specifics is something I prefer to discuss during our free consultation. 

Please ask yourself upfront: “What is my key objective for investing in coaching? What would I be willing to invest to achieve my goal?”

Package sessions are usually sold in 4 or 6 sessions over a span of typically 6-8 weeks. Packages are better priced compared to single sessions. The number of sessions can be customized based on your needs.

Progress is measured through goal achievement, increased self-awareness, perceived emotional, mental, physical state, and positive behavioral changes identified by the client.

Coaching is unlocking a person's potential to maximize their own performance.

– Timothy Gallwey

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